Monday, February 21, 2011

Hoosiers for Conservative Senate’s statement on Richard Mourdock’s entrance into the Indiana Senatorial Race

With all eyes on the Indiana political climate right now, The Tea Party in Indiana is excited, and stands waiting to elect a Conservative Senator in 2012.
Hoosiers for Conservative Senate was pleased to learn that Senator Lugar will be challenged in the May 2012 primary.  The announcement of State Treasurer Mourdock’s candidacy will inevitably be met with others as the year progresses.  With a challenger entering the race, we can now officially say... "Game on."
Hoosiers for Conservative Senate’s mission is to have the most conservative candidate represent Indiana in the US Senate in 2012.  Each candidate will be interviewed and exhaustively vetted and then put through a TEA Party caucus/convention to be held at a date later this year.
This process will allow for the candidate with the best conservative credentials to win the support of the statewide tea party as well as other conservative groups to pose the best challenge to Senator Lugar.  All groups will have a voice and a vote in this race.
We welcome Treasurer Mourdock into the race. We are aware of the large following he already has amongst TEA Party and Liberty groups in our state. We wish him the best as he presents himself to the TEA Party groups and other citizens of Indiana. The upcoming caucus is being designed to present and to support the best conservative candidate in the race to the voters of Indiana. We encourage all TEA Party groups to become involved and help us select that candidate for Indiana.

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    Kokomo Event Center from 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    Their site is

    Sounds like it will be fun!

    Come on out and support a true Conservative.

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